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Friday, January 28, 2011

shot of the day- adele

adele's new album "21" is scheduled out here in the states late next month, but i've been able to get it through my special sources *looks around sketchingly*...

anyway - my new shit is called "set fire to the rain." she has a fucking awesome voice. *insert swiss beats voice- "you know that shit is, fucking ridiculous!*

listen peoples!
adele- "set fire to the rain"

on another note- sorry for my brief absence. work has been really crazy lately, thus the lack of posting. i have, on the other hand, been listening to tonssss of music. if u cant wait for me to post, and ur interested in what i'm listening to for the day, just hit me up- littleflamingcocktail@gmail.com. i'll put you on.....

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