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Sunday, October 31, 2010

on the rocks- the estastic

mos def- the estatic

check it out. hottest compilation of music i've heard in a longggg time. definitely a night-time sort of album.

you should be able to listen to it via last.fm.

listen to the album now

Saturday, October 30, 2010

double shooter- taking it back old school.

good music never gets old. good music is timeless.

2 fo u. 

l'trimm- cars with the boom

nu shooz-can't wait

enjoy, suckers.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fizz- europop

theres something about europop thats makes it better than pop in here in the states. the beats are more r&b but its  definitely something you can still dance to. i'm not sure where exactly the group miike snow is from overseas, but their sound in definitely different from the stuff thats played here in the states on the radio today. pleaasse check em out. they're full of random lyrics but awesome vocals and gives me what i need when i'm looking for that r&bish electronica/techno/europop fix. ooooo the perfect cocktail!

btw. i'll probably/definitely be mentioning their music in another post soon....

plus the auto-tune in this song is fuckin spectacular.

miike snow- silvia 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

shot of the day- monster

halloween season is coming up- yessss! i love halloween, its pretty awesome. i haven't decided what my costume will be but i'm considering dressing up as the "hide ya kids, hide ya wife guy" since funds are pretty low.

i'm gonna make a trip to the drug store and buy a black beater and a red bandana..maybe roll up a piece paper but that may get in the way of double fisting drinks. 

well in the spirit of hallow's eve i thought i'd break yall of with a song that I've been bumping for the last few days- monster- kanye west. yes we all know kanye west is a douche, and nikki minaj sounds lowkey tourettes syndrome-ish, but you gotta love this one. nikki minaj's verse is pretty hot. btw, the mixtape is free on datpiff.com. gotta love free shit. 

check it out

Monday, October 25, 2010

neat- kings of leon

so i'm a lover of kol. their pretty effin awesome. one of my fav songs is "king of rodeo," mainly because i make up my own unintelligible lyrics to the what sounds like fantastic gibberish. to clear the air (because i'm sure billions of ppl out there have absolutely no clue as to what the kings are singing) i've decided to post the lyrics for one of my favorite songs.

just to give you an idea of how my version of this song goes, here goes the first few lines:

he sold a purity/a shaving up on martyrs
and standing pigeon toe/ and his dis-erect
stay there- no pigeon toes/hes coming round to meet you
and eating up some chicken fried/ its more if i stay!

the correct lyrics:

he's so the purity, a shaven and a mourning
and standing on a pigeon toe, in his disarray
straight in the picture pose, he's coming around to meet you
and screaming like a battle cry, it's more if i stay

me and you're cold, driving in the snow
let the good times roll, let the good times roll
cowgirl king of the rodeo, let the good times roll
let the good times roll

how dare you come to me like with nail for a favor?
hold on not my fairy tale you're trying to start
take off your overcoat, you're staying for the weekend
and swaying like a smokey gray, a drink in the park

me and you're cold, driving in the snow
let the good times roll, let the good times roll
cowgirl king of the rodeo, let the good times roll
let the good times roll, good time to roll on

good time to roll on
good time to roll on
good time to roll on

I was almost right.....lol.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

alternative shooters-m.i.a and born ruffians

here are a couple songs that are currently in rotation in my itunes.

space- m.i.a

definitely a song you could burn one to. m.i.a has been m.i.a for a good minute (i guess since she's had the baby n all) but she had an album that came out early this year. i thought the album was alright, but i particularly liked this song and i'm kinda surprised it hasn't been sampled by a baked rapper or something. nonetheless, its pretty hot, and its true to the nonsense that is m.i.a.

check it out

i need a life- born ruffians

so i love songs that you can sing along to and not feel like you have to be a diana ross. the born ruffians is the perfect group to feel confident about singing to, mainly because the the group has that "frat house" sound. this means that their music literally sounds like a few guys yelling/singing the random/funny lyrics and thats the kinda shit that i vibe to when i'm in the right mood. don't get me wrong; they're vocals aren't completely horrible but lets just say there's a "rawness" about them.....for real....believe me....

anyway, you should check em out. i linked the video because i think it was a kinda cool.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

shot of the day- kendrick lamar

so i recently downloaded kendrick lamar’s o.verly d.edicated mixtape off of datpiff.com. he’s pretty hot, you should check him out if you haven’t already. he’s a rapper, but for some reason he sounds a lot different than many of those amateur mixtape guys. i’m not sure if i ever see him blowing the hell up, but i’m sure he’ll gain a particular kind of audience soon, i’m just not sure what kind. if he’s already famous, disregard all that i have just said, lol. i’m not out there doing research on these ppl but i will bump yo shit in my car if i like ya. his mixtape is something you can pretty much ride out to too….

if you get a chance, check it out  

top ten greatest rappers of the 21st century?

sooooo a friend recently told me about this list that some BET roundtable created upon steamed debate and discussion. saw the list. disagreed to certain extent, but completely disagreed with the number one pick. heres the list, btw:

BET’s List
10. Rick Ross
9 Jadakiss
8. Young Jeezy
7. Drake
6 Ludacris
5. T.I.
4.50 Cent
3. Kanye West
2.Lil Wayne
1. Eminem

after seeing this list i scoffed at eminem's rank and thought that there were a few rappers missing from this list where some rappers shouldn't be at all. i'm no hater at all but, really jadakiss? i mean he has a couple hot songs n all but nothing to really pee ya pants about, right?

sorry jada. u didn't make my list. 

any-who, here is my official list of the top 10 greatest rappers of the 21st century.

10. k'naan

first and foremost, english is the second language for this guy who's originally from somalia so his talk about gunplay, warfare, and all of that other shit is personified times ten. lets be for real, even hulk ass 50 cent would be shaking like a stripper if he got stuck in somalia for 3 hrs. k'naan's flow is hot, his ideas are creative and he's the voice for may of the africans that have migrated here from their homeland- and you know those africans go hard. if you haven't heard of him, listen. his verse in wale's "tv in the radio" song is hot and "america" is probably one of my favs. 

9. lupe fiasco

i mean this one is self explanatory. i appreciate that lupe is very articulate and has that whole "conscious rap" thing going on without sounding all preachy. his concept of the album "the cool" was pretty innovative but my fav album is still food n liquor. he's on the list because even when he does mainstream shit he doesn't have hoes and guns running through the lyrics. kudos lupe, kudos. 

8. t.i

although he fails to learn his lessons on the law, his flow is sick. trap musik is his hottest album and what i love most about him is that he crosses over into many genres quite easily. my only thing about ti is that he seems to exaggerate the hell out of his "southern gangster accent." sometimes i just wanna be like "ti, calm yo lil ass down." i mean this has nothing to do with his flow, but whatever. just thought i'd vent a little. i really like "whats happening" by him too- real high energy.

7. rick ross

i effin loveeeee rick ross. ever since that first album and the song "blow" i really haven't heard a song that was just completely horrible down by him. his most recent album, "teflon don" is soooo well done and maybach music 3 sounds like ricky ross himself is conducting the orchestra thats playing in the background. his last album made me feel like i was on a yatch in all white linen and despite the rumors and accusations that deem him as a "dead beat dad", his faking the funk is pretty damn convincing. i like you rick ross. i really do. 

6. outkast

okay, so i'm aware that there are dos ppl in outkast, but both are equally talented.  i'd say that andre is more lyrically capable, but big boi is just more hungry. the movie "atl" was really good and big bois last album was awesome- there was literally a song on there for everyone- and it def deserved more attention than it recieved. big bois performance with yelawolf on the BET was hands down one of the best performances of the show. well of course second to the guy who sung the "hide ya kids, hide ya wife" song. geniussss. anyways. once andre comes out with that solo album, his spot on the top 10 list will be solidified. they are just so funky :)

5. drake

yea yea yea, everyone knows that drake is hot shit. i guess the thing that intrigues me the most about drake is that he's very honest in his rap and he's very articulate on camera. i saw his documentary on mtv and liked him more bc he seems like a pretty cool and humble guy. plus i was one of those ppl really into degrassi back in the day, and i thought his flow was pretty nice when he performed on the show. he's technique has def evolved for the better and i appreciate that. theres no real need for an explanation for why he's number 5.  now those sprite commercials are pretty creepy but thats another story.

4. mos def

c'mon. everybody knows that mos def is one of the most talented rappers ever. he's on just about everybodys' track when you listen hard enough. one of his recent album "the estatic" is one of the most well done albums everrr. hands down my fav song is "no hay nada mas." when a rapper can rap his entire flow in another language (and have it make sense) its fucking genius. i love you mos def. end of story. 

3. jeezy

okay, i became convinced that jeezy's a really good rapper when i used to listen to "hypnotize" before i went to work every morning. his mix of good beats and hot raps make his music relevant in the clubs, in the car, and in ya headphones. because i was an econ major in college, i really thought his album "the recession" was clever in its concept, and the lyrics are completely true. today he's the same jeezy that came out back when i was in high school and for some odd reason i feel like he may be still living in the hood, but the other day i swear i saw him on peachtree st in a yellow lambo. who knows.....

2. jay-z

well we all know that jiggaman is one of the hottest rappers out since forever. i think he is the most consistent rapper, he's never not had a hit and will remain relevant just as long as he continues to make great music or until he and beyonce divorce (whichever come last). lets admit it, jay-z is old. but because he's 94 yrs old and young people are still able to relate to his music, he's number two on the list. 

and of course the number 1 spot goes to...

1. wayne

of course. you really wanna know why he's number one? a few summers ago he came out with the mixtape drought 3. best mixtape ever hands down. the same summer i read a magazine article entitled "the best 77 songs of lil wayne in 2007." seriously.....think about that shit. seventy seven songs. read the article and knew (and liked) about 70 of em. thats fuckin time and dedication. you win wayne. you win.