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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

flight- best music videos of 2010

because everyone loves something to watch- best music videos of 2010.

5. window seat- erykah badu
but matt & kim didn't get into any real trouble for their crazy shit? 

4. breakfast- curren$y
realllyy creative idea...the censorship in this video cracks me up.

3. d.o.a- jay-z
there's something so youthful about the jiggaman's old ass in this video that i love.

2. cousins- vampire weekend
i'm sure they put in alot of work for this video, even though it looks so simple. 

1. stylo- gorillaz
bruce willis, son? 

honorable mentions go to:
all of lady gaga's shit
major lazer- keep it going louder
kings of leon- radioactive
coldplay- life in technicolor
c-breezy's - transform ya
adele- rolling deep


Sunday, December 26, 2010

flight- singles of the year

to continue my list of the 'best of 2010" i've pondered what my favorite singles were of 2010. yes they are pretty random as am i, but i'm sure you'll agree with atleast one...check em out.

5. like a g6- far east movement 
you know this is your shit too...

4. dog days are over- florence and the machine
this chick has a very unique voice...and i likey :)

3. whats my name- rihanna
literally took me 3 listens and i knew the song word for word...

2. nothin' on you (beautiful girls)- b.o.b ft bruno mars
i loved this song...don't think i'll ever grow tired of it.

1. no hands- roscoe dash ft waka flocka & wale
i love this song.  i especially love the cover. enjoy!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

flight- best albums of the year

as i mentioned earlier this month, i've thought long and hard about my top 5 albums this year and i'm happy to share them with you guys. feel free to let me know what you think :)

5. maxwell- BLACKsummer'snight

you guys, please tell me you remember how awesome this album was? like, really...dude comes out every 10 years with an album and it's hot shit! there's something about his voice that screams cocoa butter and warm milk with cinnamon. i'm just saying. anyway, this album was really good. from the band, to the production, to the vocals. if you're an r&b fan, this is a must have. i honestly don't have a fav song on this album because every song is good in its own unique way. 

4. vampire weekend- contra
quick side story that officially made this album awesome: i'm riding in the car with this album bumping, and my mom is riding shot gun...mom goes "so you listen to west african music now?" i go "no mom, these are skinny hipster white guys" mom goes: "wow." then proceeds to nod here head to the music. victory for vampire weekend? i think so. i loved this album, the lyrics, the beats, and even the videos. check out "give up the gun" when u get a chance. lil  jon is in it and speaks french. also in "diplomat's son" there are questionable (and by questionable, i mean homoerotic) lyrics going on....and for some reason, i appreciate that. lol.

3. teflon don- rick ross

i lovvvvveeeee this album. i think there are about 11 or 12 songs, but there are only 2 that i don't really care for (yet, atleast). thats a pretty good ratio when you think about though. i think the production is the best part of the album...i'm really feeling the symphony orchestra that he hired on maybach music 3 and the thing that i appreciated the most is that he actually got r&b singers for most of the hooks, instead of auto-tuning and/or trying to sing them himself (*ahem, b.o.b, wiz, lupe, wayne, cudi, drake....ahem*). don't have it? get it. take it to your car. turn the volume knob all the way to the right. bump number 7 first. go ape shit.

2. ke$ha- cannibal

to be honest with you, i never was much of a ke$ha fan from the jump, until i bought this album on a whim because i thought the "we r who we r" song was hella catchy. my friend, the fuckin entire album is good. just about every song on this 20+ song album is fantastic. lyrics, beats, everything. now, majority is a party album, but c'mon, its 5 oclock somewhere! the thing that i like most about this album is that the lyrics are sooo relatable, because when you think about, who has money to be poppin bottles all willy nilly in this recession? not i, and obviously not ke$ha who will "take the drinks from the table when you get up and leave them!"  now i won't go that far, but i will get wasted off your music, ke$ha. you are the shit. lets party together one day!

1. big boi- sir luscious left foot: the song of chico dusty
i really think that this album was the best of 2010. it literally had every type of song imaginable for anyone on there, and because i appreciate an array of musical styles i really really appreciated big boi's effort. he has a party song, an r&b track, hipster shit, hard shit, inspirational shit, funny skits, throwback sounding shit. everything imaginable. but he managed to create all of these different sounds while staying true to himself and atlanta. thats some genius type shit. really.

Friday, December 24, 2010

shot of the day- the cribs

to be honest, i kinda was in a funky mood and remembered how much i like this song.

enjoy sickos.

men's needs- the cribs

on the rocks- the brothers of chico dusty

shutterbug/black keys mash-up "black bug"

because i think big boi's "the son of chico dusty" was probably one of the best albums of 2010, this  new mash-up album is reallly good. it came out today, and i listened to the entire thing while cleaning my place. it feels good to be able to sing along to something that you hear for the first time, and because most of this album is big bois raps over the black keys's beats (who btw i also adore) its one big ball of hot shit.

you know what the best thing about this album is....you can download it for free here...

my overall rating for it...b+/a-

Monday, December 20, 2010

shot of the day- chiddy bang

this group is effin genius. they're a great mix of alternative/rap and they do it right by complementing each other sooo well (white guy does the hot beats, black guys spits hot fire over hot beats).  if you haven't heard of chiddy bang, download their shit immediately. just search swelly express on datpiff and their tapes come up. if there's random alternative song that you love, odds are chiddy bang has probably flipped it into something more awesome :)

here's one of my favs from their new album

chiddy bang-good life

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

countdown to the new years

the new years is coming up and you know what that means....there's gonna be tons of VH1 specials counting down the years top 100 artist, songs, movies, and whatever else is countdown-able.

i'm gonna save you guys the hassle and countdown the top 5 of pretty much everything, from singles, to breakthrough artist, to albums, and even movies and/or youtube vids. 

keep an eye out, because i'm not sure when i'll have the time to do all of this, but it will do it before we're all ravaged by mother nature's anger in her inability to fight off global warming in 2012. 

(aren't we all suppose to die in the next year or so?)

on another note, i've been getting a few emails from people all over with music that they think i'd be interested in. let me just say that: yessssssssss! i love when people from all over the world put me on to shit that their soul grooves to. someone sent me this song the other day and i thought i'd share. 

selah sue- raggamuffin

what i like most about this chick is that she's a french white girl, but sounds like she's fresh off the boat from jamaica- very unique voice. needless to say, i coped this album. many thanks for putting my on!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

shot of the day- the runaways

if you haven't seen the movie "runaways" with dakota fanning and the chick from that vampire movie, you gotta see it. my first reaction to watching it was "omg! wtf is dakota fanning doing all grown up! she was just 4 yr old in effin "man on fire"!!! but after i got used to watching dakota sniff coke, make out with chicks and have sex with random guys, i pretty much enjoyed the movie. great music, great acting. great story.

basically the movie was about a chick rock group from back in the day, i wanna say the sixties, that basically changed the game and opened up major doors for female bands. their fame was short lived mainly because the girls were soo drugged out and twisted that the lead singer (played by dakota) had to go to rehab (btw, the girls were like 15 or 16yrs old). rent it off red box when ur bored.

dead end justice- the runaways

anyways, dead end justice was my fav song- in the movie they were pretty much plastered during the performance. after i saw the movie, i listened to the real version, and i kinda liked the movie version better.

shot of the day- holiday murzic

everyone has that favorite christmas song that they sing to at the top of their lungs when it comes on the radio. i actually have 3 songs that i loveeeee during this time of the year.

in no particular order-

69 boys- "what you want for christmas"
from the same group that brought you the "toostie roll," this song basically covers everything that you'd really want for christmas from "twelve hundred dollas"..."to 5 fresh gold chains"... "and finally a cadillac to put it allllll in." if you've never heard it before, pleeeeeeaasse listen to it. it may be a southern thing, but i go wreckless when i hear it on the radio during this season. 

donny hathaway- "this christmas"
i loooveee this song! especially the "shake a hand, shake a hand" part. (if thats what he's even saying). its simply beautiful.

jackson 5- "santa clause is coming to town"
i think the only way to sing this song is very loud and hella obnoxiously- especially when michael sings the "santaaaaaaa clause is comin to toowwwn." its only right. i effin love this song.

whats yours?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

shot of the day- kendrick lamar

a song thats been getting me through a lot lately, because no matter who you are and where you've been, you'll always encounter obstacles to get to the top...sometimes you just have to say "fuck it" and get wasted- my choice of taste is music, but whatever ur vice is...

barbed wire- kendrick lamar ft ash riser

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

on the rocks- b.o.b

the talented bobbay ray simmons jr. just came out with a new (and free) mixtape on bobatl.com yesterday, and let me just say that i was anticipating this work of music for about a week. got it yesterday, and listened to it while i was working on some documents last night, and might i say that i was just not impressed. i mean, b.o.b did not give me what i needed. my first concern was that with a mixtape named "no genre" it was obviously just mostly southern rap (which i would have been okay if he would have just named the album "southern rap with a hint to lemon and rosemary") and he obviously must of smashed muchas chicas while on tour because my b.o.b ears were violated a few times with songs of twurking, hitting it from the back, and burning it down.

bobby, he smashed the homies! 

i don't want to say that i was disappointed, because i enjoyed the mixtape...but its just not like the b.o.b that i've come to enjoy. to be honest with you, i think his last mixtape was some hot shit. in fact, that mixtape should have been named the "no genre mixtape" while this one "b.o.b vs. bobby ray." if you haven't heard it, pleeeeassssse get it. the link is below.

now i don't want to close b.o.b in the box of sex-fiend-burn-it-down rappers because he he's rapped about all of that before this mixtape, but i guess its just the way he did it before. it was executed more musically creative before, and this no genre mixtape has kind of muted his originality and talent for being able to appeal to all types of ppl.

with that said, i still like you, b.o.b. you stil have a fan in me, but i think thats because you give me that "quirky little brother vibe" and can appreciate music with hoes, blunts, and heavy egos. to others who enjoy b.o.b because he's a good crossover musician and seems real down to earth, i'd advise that instead of getting the "no genre" mixtape, get "b.o.b vs bobby ray." i bumped it in my car for 3 weeks straight and i'll prolly listen to it when i get off work today.

yep, i'm gonna listen to "my lil brother who think he's all grown up because he's smashed 4 snow bunnies while away on tour" when i get off. boaw!

download the "no genre" mixtape
download the "b.o.b vs bobby ray" mixtape

Sunday, December 5, 2010

shot of the day- company of thieves

i checked out the song a while back but every now & then i like listening it. i love it when chicks sing the lead in a band because there aren't many chicks who do so and do it well. the lead in company of thieves has a unique voice and the song "oscar wilde" really shows it. and i'd say that this group is like a combo of parmore, vampire weekend, and coldplay all in one. anyway, the video is kinda cute too- real quirky and it pretty much quenches my inner-hipster's thirst.

check it out.

oscar wilde- company of thieves

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

shot of the day- vybez kartel

clarks- vybez kartel

i know yall remember these shoes from back in the day...well...apparently they're still hot in Jamaica...

if you thought the vans song by "the pack" was catchy, but low key ridiculous wait until you see this shit. 

vybez  kartel is a real respected reggae artist  in the carribean (sorta like the 50 cent over here in the states) and has been known to murder other musical artists who dare to be compared to him (of course not literally, but figuratively).  after i saw this video his respect points tripled in my opinion. 

pleasssee check it out. and notice how there are approx. 4 pairs of these clarks being featured in the video- just rearranged a billion times to make it seen like a lot more...

Monday, November 29, 2010

shot of the day- set music

i'm in atlanta b****

even though i pretty much consider myself a cosmopolitan, i reside (and have resided all of my life) in atlanta. yea, yea, yea, i'm sure plenty of people have shit to say about atlanta because of its crazy music scene thats pretty much destroying everyone elses meaningful shit, but i have to say that when i heard the "stanky leg" abroad, i knew for sure that atlanta was pretty much engraved on the map...

with that said, one of my favorite songs to party to here in the a is "i'm in atlanta bitch." (a remake of lmfao's "i'm in miami bitch"). I love this song because it stays true to atlanta, and every time i hear it, i grow butterflies in my stomach knowing that i've pretty experience everything in this song, from the sketchy clermont lounge, to the boujee buckhead scene. i heart atlanta. theres no other place like it...

lets make a toast- here's to you atlanta! 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

shot of the day- guitar hero

random fact about me: i am a guitar hero. yes. thats right. you read correctly. i am fucking awesome. 

if you're a hero of guitars, as i, you know that its not hard to know every single effin song that is on guitar hero after trying to master the riffs in order to beat the game. i have spent many a exam and term paper time dedicated to beating expert on guitar hero, so whenever i'm in a bar and i hear "message in a bottle" or "fly bird" i fucking go crazy! 

sadly, its gotten to the point where i've actually downloaded the songs that i liked the most of guitar hero just so i can sing along to the guitar riffs. one of my favs in particular is the stone temple pilots "trippin on a hole in a paper heart."  i've grown to love this song mainly because it took me effin forever to beat it on expert mode- but when i did beat it, i cried victory! 

anyway- take a listen. i really would like to hear someone do a remake or sample the beat or melody. its soooo catchy. (btw- i swear i'm not a dork, i just really like guitar hero!)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

neat- curren$y

pilot talk II- album review

i recently coped curren$y's new album and i've been bumping it in my car for the past week. there are definitely some songs that stand out and some that get lost in the background. heres my brief review of the album:

after the pilot talk I, my expectations for II were exceedingly high, because the first one was so hot. just about every single song was hot- from the production to the lyrics. mad props to ski beatz for those hot ass beats btw. 

seems like pilot talk II is on some other shit though. the beats aren't luxurious as expected and the tracks seem more gutta. my favorite, by far, is "famous" mainly because its the most reminiscent of his last album, and i'm also feeling "michael knight."   the other tracks kinda all blend in with each other. maybe if i give this album a few more weeks of listening, this album will start to grow on me more?  anyway, I'm giving this album a b-. it was cool curren$y, but you leave me wanting more....

with that said, below is my fav song on the album...you be the judge...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

freshly squozen-new music

good music is finna come out yall. yessssss! 

so here's what i'm really anticipating in the next few weeks:

curren$y- pilot talk II: i'm soooooo excited for this one. his flow is ehhhhh but his beats are fucking a-maz-ing!
b.o.b- no genre mixtape: i'm more excited that its gonna be free than anything, but i'm feeling b.o.b. his style is eclectic and raps to the beat of his own drum...
ne-yo- libra scale: despite his not-so-hot shit that he's come out with, i'm still gonna cop this one. ne-yo is a talented song writer, so even if his album doesn't turn out to be that hot, atleast i'll have some words of wisdom :)
kanye west- my beautiful dark twisted fantasy: i can't wait to see how this album is received. kanye is ridiculous, but he's alright in my book. most of his shit on this album is on the many mixtapes that are circulating now, but i'm sure he'll still make a fortune.
black eye peas- the beginning: i'm excited because i need more music to drink to.
young jeezy- thug motivation 103: omg. words can not explain how much i'm anticipating for this album to come out. its been so long jeezy! i luh you! 

is there anyone that i'm missing? let me know...

Friday, November 19, 2010

shot of the day- animal collective

when i first heard these guys i wasn't really impressed, but they sure as hell grew on me...and i'm really only talking about one song by the animal collective- my girls. mainly because when i listen to this song, i usually fast forward to about a minute into the song (thats when the beat really drops) and i seat dance (thats when u groove while sitting down) for the rest of the song. also the lyrics are pretty interesting- they are:

i don't mean/ to seem like a care about material things
like my social status
i just want/ 4 walls and adobe flats
for my girls

with lyrics like these it makes you think- are you tryna be humble? or are u really fooling us with this humbleness because ur a pimp and need "adobe flats" to house your "girls".....

whichever it is, the song is still pretty good. just keep in mind that the intro is drawn out so the real hot shit doesn't start until a minute n half way into the song...

animal collective- my girls

Thursday, November 18, 2010

flight- j. cole

apologies for being m.i.a for a minute- work has been really busy for me, however, i am updating my blog on the job right now. oh the irony. 

anyways, i recently downloaded j. coles new mixtape "friday night lights" and let me say that i was really impressed. i've never really been much of fan of his, i mean, i thought "all i want is you" was cool n all, but i kinda shelved him with those other rappers like tyga, and yung berg (yes, forgive me). after a little convincing to listen to the mixtape by my followers on twitter, i instantly realized how hot this guy is. you should def check him out.

j. cole- friday night lights

you can download the mixtape on datpiff.com

Friday, November 12, 2010

shot of the day- quadron

so for some reason i've been feeling danish r&b. quadron has been my recent fix mainly because the lead has that pure sound that isn't really like anything i've heard here in the states. check em out....

quadron- buster keaton

Thursday, November 11, 2010

shooters- breakfast music

soooo i'm no big chiefer but i do enjoy music that you can burn one too...the beats tend to be more exaggerated and the lyrics are pretty much awesome. back in the day i created a mix cd of over 20 smoke songs that was entitled "geek music," lol, but for the sake of sounding like i burn it down every mutha fuckin day (which i don't), i'm just gonna break yall off with my list of the top 10 greatest "burn one to" songs ever created in the history of  "burning one to."

10. "Mary Jane" by Major Lazer

because we all sometime need instructions sometimes on how to roll one....

9. "That Tree"by Snoop ft Kid Cudi

because they were obviously blowed during the entire video...

8. "Cut Ya Up" by Devin the Dude

because for a lonnnng time i thought he was a pedophile...

7.  "Up" by Wiz Khalifa

because you start to believe that "everything is better when ya highhh" after Wiz repeats it 20 times...

6. "Smokin' Out" by Project Pat

because i love icey white honey buns too....

5. "Easy Skanking" by Bob Marley

because Bob Marley makes this shit sound legit....

4. "Weedman" by Lil Jon n the Eastside Boys

because everyone loves a clever countdown in a song...

3. "Breakfast" by Curren$y

because the background music on this track makes your chiefing experience sound hella classy...

2. "Doobie Ashtray" by Devin the Dude

because this one's a classic and devin deserves to be on here twice...

1. "Weed Song" by Bone Thugs n Harmony

because when rappers sing about weed like its their love child, its impossible not to make it number one. i honestly know this song word-for-effin-word. listen!  

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

shot of the day- the cool kids

mikey and chuck just tweeted that they had a new song out today- thought i'd share it with you guys. its called "big talk" and i personally think its alright. (yes alright, nothing to kill ya kids over, but nothing to sleep on either)

heres the link btw: "big talk" download

so back to the cool kids. i was absolutely in love with them in college, but then they kinda fell off the map. i coped a couple of their mixtapes after they came out with the bake sale and just wasn't as impressed with them as i was with "a little bit cooler" and "jingling." i think my all time fav by them has to be "bassment party" (chuck did a fuckin fantastic job on the beat) mainly because i went through this house party faze when the song was out. on their most recent mixtapes, i think the dj talk ruins everything, and mikey's raps just aren't as hot. with that said, they are alotta but cooler than most of these young rappers today. i also appreciate that they rap about segas and fruity pebbles. now thats something i can relate to.

anyways- i like where their career is right now. everyone nows about 'em but you're not forced to listen to them on the radio every two seconds. they've inspired a whole new style of swag and they've got this nonchalant-ness towards fame that i appreciate. they seem real in tune with the music and thats some shit i can raise my glass to... you guys are dope as hell....

Monday, November 8, 2010

farewell to the wires of lime

i'm no poet, but i felt compelled to creatively express my thoughts on one of the most important aspects of my life

to my beloved wires of lime; a response to your unfortunate legal troubles

ode to the wires of lime

farewell to my trusty source
you've kept my thirst quenched for many years
but your time has run its course
no more leeching off my peers.

i can't believe they caught you
its like a bad dream
waking up to nothing new
you held it down for the team

green little spinning lime
i feel bad for abandoning you
but if the feds took me in for time
i honestly wouldn't know what to do

so heres to the last hoorah
you gave me what i need
this is some real kaka
but hey, nothing in life is free.....

::sung in a high pitch A minor:: "unless you got BitTorrentttttttt!"

just kiddin folks. do the right thing!

gin and tonic-oldie but goodie

prince- when doves cry

self-explanatory. this song is the shit. mainly because our parents live similar lives and i recently saw an old dave chapelle episode and felt "inspired" to post a song by the blouse-man himself.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

shot of the day- dirty diana

been seeing alot of michael jackson on t.v lately (must be about that time),  so i thought i'd break yall off with a song that i particularly like- dirty diana. diana was such a triflin hoe and mike did a great job in calling her dirty ass out.

enjoy Dirty Diana

Friday, November 5, 2010

fizz- featured dj

dead parris

this guy has to be one of the hottest djs in the atlanta area. every club/party that i go to where he djs, the music is alwaysssss on point. he plays every-fucking-thing. from electronica, to old school hip hop, to alternative and its always in good taste. check him out if you're ever in town. he djs @ mjqs, el bar and the eastside lounge. in the atlanta area and never been to these places? then where the hell have you been... these are probably the most awesome-ess, most eclectic clubs/bars in el mundo!

anyways, check him out.  he has a blog with his genius mixes. dead parris's blog

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

neat- matt tong (bloc party)

for those who know who the band bloc party is, you probably already know that the drummer in the band matt tong is pretty effin awesome. there's one song in particular where he straight kills it. he kills it to the point where other drummers post his shit on youtube. if you haven't heard the guy (or the band for that matter) you should check em out.

bloc party-luno

Monday, November 1, 2010

shot of the day- paramore

paramore is the shit. i vividly remember listening to "let the flames begin" for the very first time and all of a sudden falling in love with alternative music. kinda like the first time i had an amoretto sour and realizing that alcoholic drinks could really be so tasty. doors were opened, gates of greatness flooded in and the world seemed that much better.

since then i've been an avid paramore fan. my favorite album is "all we know is falling" and one of my favorite songs by them is let the flames begin. i've been to a few of their concerts and when they first came out, they always opened with "let the flames begin." shit was dramatic, hayley would jump all over the place, and i'm pretty sure there were balls of fire barreling in the air  (but that could of easily been my imagination). anyways, if you really, realllyyy wanna fall in love with music all over again, you'd listen to the live version of this song.

let the flames begin- paramore (live)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

on the rocks- the estastic

mos def- the estatic

check it out. hottest compilation of music i've heard in a longggg time. definitely a night-time sort of album.

you should be able to listen to it via last.fm.

listen to the album now