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Monday, January 10, 2011

lfc freshmen class of 2011

so xxl has been coming out with their "freshmen" list of the year, which is basically predictions of who theu think will blow up in the following year. They've been pretty much dead on with their picks (last year it was kid cudi, b.o.b, wale and a few others.) i thought it'd be cool to give my freshmen list of 2011. its pretty short since i went through an intense alternative binge last year, but there were a few rappers that got my attention.

j. cole

this guy is pretty hot. i know there was a big hoo-ha over this guy when he came out with the "all i want is you" song, but to be honest with you, i didn't really join the bandwagon until the "friday night lights" mixtape came out. if you don't have it, get it. he has a combo of talent that most of these underground rappers don't really posses until they blow up, and thats an equal mix of lyrics and beats. if u have the mixtape, u know what i mean. anyway, i'm positive that this guy won't just be a one hit wonder.

mac miller
this guys is hot. i think the crazy thing about him is that he's sooo young. i actually felt alittle uncomfortable listening to his lyrics about skipping school for senior skip day, as it brought back those funny feelings of high school, but i got over that quickly when i actually realized how talented he was. with a name like mac miller i expected a big burly black guy, but he's actually a skinny jewish white guy. crazy, huh. i love it because it just goes to show that hip hop truly is transcending race, age, religion, and all of that other segregated shit. 

another image dispeller. he's the shit. i realized this when i listened to big boi's "ain't no dj" 12 times trying to figure out who the guy on the last verse was. his mixtape "trunk muzik" is pretty hot.

big k.r.i.t
i looooove this guy. i recently download his mixtape "krit wuz here" and was in for a pleasant surprise. soo i'm positive that i've heard his voice before on tons of songs prior to actually knowing who he is, but i still can't put my finger on who's shit i've heard him on before. anyways, i love his voice. his beats are fly. he's the shit.

kendrick lamar

i believe that 2011 will be the year of the west coast. it was fun, atlanta, but its time to pass the torch. kendrick lamar will be the one to lead the west coast pack, and i honestly can't wait til he blows up. i've been bumpin this guys music for the past couple months, and i grow more in love with this guys music everytime i listen to a song mostly because kendrick is the most relatable rapper out right now. i've shared a few songs of his with you guys already, but here's another. pretty much my mantra for 2011-

"cut u off"- kendrick lamar

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