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Sunday, October 24, 2010

alternative shooters-m.i.a and born ruffians

here are a couple songs that are currently in rotation in my itunes.

space- m.i.a

definitely a song you could burn one to. m.i.a has been m.i.a for a good minute (i guess since she's had the baby n all) but she had an album that came out early this year. i thought the album was alright, but i particularly liked this song and i'm kinda surprised it hasn't been sampled by a baked rapper or something. nonetheless, its pretty hot, and its true to the nonsense that is m.i.a.

check it out

i need a life- born ruffians

so i love songs that you can sing along to and not feel like you have to be a diana ross. the born ruffians is the perfect group to feel confident about singing to, mainly because the the group has that "frat house" sound. this means that their music literally sounds like a few guys yelling/singing the random/funny lyrics and thats the kinda shit that i vibe to when i'm in the right mood. don't get me wrong; they're vocals aren't completely horrible but lets just say there's a "rawness" about them.....for real....believe me....

anyway, you should check em out. i linked the video because i think it was a kinda cool.

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