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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

shot of the day- monster

halloween season is coming up- yessss! i love halloween, its pretty awesome. i haven't decided what my costume will be but i'm considering dressing up as the "hide ya kids, hide ya wife guy" since funds are pretty low.

i'm gonna make a trip to the drug store and buy a black beater and a red bandana..maybe roll up a piece paper but that may get in the way of double fisting drinks. 

well in the spirit of hallow's eve i thought i'd break yall of with a song that I've been bumping for the last few days- monster- kanye west. yes we all know kanye west is a douche, and nikki minaj sounds lowkey tourettes syndrome-ish, but you gotta love this one. nikki minaj's verse is pretty hot. btw, the mixtape is free on datpiff.com. gotta love free shit. 

check it out

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