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Sunday, May 22, 2011

shot of the day-lykke li

i follow rivers- lykke li

its as if lykke li traveled to some far away land, got her inspiration from some aborigines people, came back and then produced some hot shit. for those who have not coped lykke li's "wounded rhymes" album, summed up in a nut shell, its pretty much a compilation of music with ethnic beats, ridiculous lyrics and couple ballads to balance the heavy bass and drums that bring her collection of very different music together effin beautifully. one of my favs (that i'm sure will be yours once you give it a quick listen) is "i follow rivers"

the bitch is psycho. love it!

on another note: i'm back and at it. life has been crazy crazy crazy, but i've promised to write way more frequently. keep the emails and shout outs coming and i'll continue to expand yallllllls mindz with the music that moves my soul. let get wasted on music together! r u still down?

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