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Sunday, May 22, 2011

shot of the day- wizard khalifa

phone numbers- wizard khalifa

isn't wiz khalifa's name awesome.

anyway, i haven't really been a fan since his gay ass video for "roll up" (i've never heard a creepier giggle in my life! btw, no offense to the gay ass people out there- much love) but a friend told me that his mixtape "cabin fever" was pretty tight, so i gave it a spin. i must admit, the beats are hot, but the lyrics were kinda....bleh bleh bleh money bleh bleh hoes bleh bleh weed bleh more weed bleh bleh hoes.

yea yea yea, your dating a bad bitch, and your talyor'd gang encompasses all of the loner stoners on the planet, but please wiz, rap about some other shit. anyways, the clever simplicity of "phone numbers" def caught my ear. by far my fav on the mixtape (which you can download on datpiff.com for free.99).


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