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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

countdown to the new years

the new years is coming up and you know what that means....there's gonna be tons of VH1 specials counting down the years top 100 artist, songs, movies, and whatever else is countdown-able.

i'm gonna save you guys the hassle and countdown the top 5 of pretty much everything, from singles, to breakthrough artist, to albums, and even movies and/or youtube vids. 

keep an eye out, because i'm not sure when i'll have the time to do all of this, but it will do it before we're all ravaged by mother nature's anger in her inability to fight off global warming in 2012. 

(aren't we all suppose to die in the next year or so?)

on another note, i've been getting a few emails from people all over with music that they think i'd be interested in. let me just say that: yessssssssss! i love when people from all over the world put me on to shit that their soul grooves to. someone sent me this song the other day and i thought i'd share. 

selah sue- raggamuffin

what i like most about this chick is that she's a french white girl, but sounds like she's fresh off the boat from jamaica- very unique voice. needless to say, i coped this album. many thanks for putting my on!

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