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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

shot of the day- vybez kartel

clarks- vybez kartel

i know yall remember these shoes from back in the day...well...apparently they're still hot in Jamaica...

if you thought the vans song by "the pack" was catchy, but low key ridiculous wait until you see this shit. 

vybez  kartel is a real respected reggae artist  in the carribean (sorta like the 50 cent over here in the states) and has been known to murder other musical artists who dare to be compared to him (of course not literally, but figuratively).  after i saw this video his respect points tripled in my opinion. 

pleasssee check it out. and notice how there are approx. 4 pairs of these clarks being featured in the video- just rearranged a billion times to make it seen like a lot more...

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