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Saturday, December 25, 2010

flight- best albums of the year

as i mentioned earlier this month, i've thought long and hard about my top 5 albums this year and i'm happy to share them with you guys. feel free to let me know what you think :)

5. maxwell- BLACKsummer'snight

you guys, please tell me you remember how awesome this album was? like, really...dude comes out every 10 years with an album and it's hot shit! there's something about his voice that screams cocoa butter and warm milk with cinnamon. i'm just saying. anyway, this album was really good. from the band, to the production, to the vocals. if you're an r&b fan, this is a must have. i honestly don't have a fav song on this album because every song is good in its own unique way. 

4. vampire weekend- contra
quick side story that officially made this album awesome: i'm riding in the car with this album bumping, and my mom is riding shot gun...mom goes "so you listen to west african music now?" i go "no mom, these are skinny hipster white guys" mom goes: "wow." then proceeds to nod here head to the music. victory for vampire weekend? i think so. i loved this album, the lyrics, the beats, and even the videos. check out "give up the gun" when u get a chance. lil  jon is in it and speaks french. also in "diplomat's son" there are questionable (and by questionable, i mean homoerotic) lyrics going on....and for some reason, i appreciate that. lol.

3. teflon don- rick ross

i lovvvvveeeee this album. i think there are about 11 or 12 songs, but there are only 2 that i don't really care for (yet, atleast). thats a pretty good ratio when you think about though. i think the production is the best part of the album...i'm really feeling the symphony orchestra that he hired on maybach music 3 and the thing that i appreciated the most is that he actually got r&b singers for most of the hooks, instead of auto-tuning and/or trying to sing them himself (*ahem, b.o.b, wiz, lupe, wayne, cudi, drake....ahem*). don't have it? get it. take it to your car. turn the volume knob all the way to the right. bump number 7 first. go ape shit.

2. ke$ha- cannibal

to be honest with you, i never was much of a ke$ha fan from the jump, until i bought this album on a whim because i thought the "we r who we r" song was hella catchy. my friend, the fuckin entire album is good. just about every song on this 20+ song album is fantastic. lyrics, beats, everything. now, majority is a party album, but c'mon, its 5 oclock somewhere! the thing that i like most about this album is that the lyrics are sooo relatable, because when you think about, who has money to be poppin bottles all willy nilly in this recession? not i, and obviously not ke$ha who will "take the drinks from the table when you get up and leave them!"  now i won't go that far, but i will get wasted off your music, ke$ha. you are the shit. lets party together one day!

1. big boi- sir luscious left foot: the song of chico dusty
i really think that this album was the best of 2010. it literally had every type of song imaginable for anyone on there, and because i appreciate an array of musical styles i really really appreciated big boi's effort. he has a party song, an r&b track, hipster shit, hard shit, inspirational shit, funny skits, throwback sounding shit. everything imaginable. but he managed to create all of these different sounds while staying true to himself and atlanta. thats some genius type shit. really.

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