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Sunday, December 12, 2010

shot of the day- holiday murzic

everyone has that favorite christmas song that they sing to at the top of their lungs when it comes on the radio. i actually have 3 songs that i loveeeee during this time of the year.

in no particular order-

69 boys- "what you want for christmas"
from the same group that brought you the "toostie roll," this song basically covers everything that you'd really want for christmas from "twelve hundred dollas"..."to 5 fresh gold chains"... "and finally a cadillac to put it allllll in." if you've never heard it before, pleeeeeeaasse listen to it. it may be a southern thing, but i go wreckless when i hear it on the radio during this season. 

donny hathaway- "this christmas"
i loooveee this song! especially the "shake a hand, shake a hand" part. (if thats what he's even saying). its simply beautiful.

jackson 5- "santa clause is coming to town"
i think the only way to sing this song is very loud and hella obnoxiously- especially when michael sings the "santaaaaaaa clause is comin to toowwwn." its only right. i effin love this song.

whats yours?

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