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Sunday, December 12, 2010

shot of the day- the runaways

if you haven't seen the movie "runaways" with dakota fanning and the chick from that vampire movie, you gotta see it. my first reaction to watching it was "omg! wtf is dakota fanning doing all grown up! she was just 4 yr old in effin "man on fire"!!! but after i got used to watching dakota sniff coke, make out with chicks and have sex with random guys, i pretty much enjoyed the movie. great music, great acting. great story.

basically the movie was about a chick rock group from back in the day, i wanna say the sixties, that basically changed the game and opened up major doors for female bands. their fame was short lived mainly because the girls were soo drugged out and twisted that the lead singer (played by dakota) had to go to rehab (btw, the girls were like 15 or 16yrs old). rent it off red box when ur bored.

dead end justice- the runaways

anyways, dead end justice was my fav song- in the movie they were pretty much plastered during the performance. after i saw the movie, i listened to the real version, and i kinda liked the movie version better.

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