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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

on the rocks- b.o.b

the talented bobbay ray simmons jr. just came out with a new (and free) mixtape on bobatl.com yesterday, and let me just say that i was anticipating this work of music for about a week. got it yesterday, and listened to it while i was working on some documents last night, and might i say that i was just not impressed. i mean, b.o.b did not give me what i needed. my first concern was that with a mixtape named "no genre" it was obviously just mostly southern rap (which i would have been okay if he would have just named the album "southern rap with a hint to lemon and rosemary") and he obviously must of smashed muchas chicas while on tour because my b.o.b ears were violated a few times with songs of twurking, hitting it from the back, and burning it down.

bobby, he smashed the homies! 

i don't want to say that i was disappointed, because i enjoyed the mixtape...but its just not like the b.o.b that i've come to enjoy. to be honest with you, i think his last mixtape was some hot shit. in fact, that mixtape should have been named the "no genre mixtape" while this one "b.o.b vs. bobby ray." if you haven't heard it, pleeeeassssse get it. the link is below.

now i don't want to close b.o.b in the box of sex-fiend-burn-it-down rappers because he he's rapped about all of that before this mixtape, but i guess its just the way he did it before. it was executed more musically creative before, and this no genre mixtape has kind of muted his originality and talent for being able to appeal to all types of ppl.

with that said, i still like you, b.o.b. you stil have a fan in me, but i think thats because you give me that "quirky little brother vibe" and can appreciate music with hoes, blunts, and heavy egos. to others who enjoy b.o.b because he's a good crossover musician and seems real down to earth, i'd advise that instead of getting the "no genre" mixtape, get "b.o.b vs bobby ray." i bumped it in my car for 3 weeks straight and i'll prolly listen to it when i get off work today.

yep, i'm gonna listen to "my lil brother who think he's all grown up because he's smashed 4 snow bunnies while away on tour" when i get off. boaw!

download the "no genre" mixtape
download the "b.o.b vs bobby ray" mixtape

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