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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

flight- best music videos of 2010

because everyone loves something to watch- best music videos of 2010.

5. window seat- erykah badu
but matt & kim didn't get into any real trouble for their crazy shit? 

4. breakfast- curren$y
realllyy creative idea...the censorship in this video cracks me up.

3. d.o.a- jay-z
there's something so youthful about the jiggaman's old ass in this video that i love.

2. cousins- vampire weekend
i'm sure they put in alot of work for this video, even though it looks so simple. 

1. stylo- gorillaz
bruce willis, son? 

honorable mentions go to:
all of lady gaga's shit
major lazer- keep it going louder
kings of leon- radioactive
coldplay- life in technicolor
c-breezy's - transform ya
adele- rolling deep


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