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Monday, November 8, 2010

farewell to the wires of lime

i'm no poet, but i felt compelled to creatively express my thoughts on one of the most important aspects of my life

to my beloved wires of lime; a response to your unfortunate legal troubles

ode to the wires of lime

farewell to my trusty source
you've kept my thirst quenched for many years
but your time has run its course
no more leeching off my peers.

i can't believe they caught you
its like a bad dream
waking up to nothing new
you held it down for the team

green little spinning lime
i feel bad for abandoning you
but if the feds took me in for time
i honestly wouldn't know what to do

so heres to the last hoorah
you gave me what i need
this is some real kaka
but hey, nothing in life is free.....

::sung in a high pitch A minor:: "unless you got BitTorrentttttttt!"

just kiddin folks. do the right thing!

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