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Friday, November 19, 2010

shot of the day- animal collective

when i first heard these guys i wasn't really impressed, but they sure as hell grew on me...and i'm really only talking about one song by the animal collective- my girls. mainly because when i listen to this song, i usually fast forward to about a minute into the song (thats when the beat really drops) and i seat dance (thats when u groove while sitting down) for the rest of the song. also the lyrics are pretty interesting- they are:

i don't mean/ to seem like a care about material things
like my social status
i just want/ 4 walls and adobe flats
for my girls

with lyrics like these it makes you think- are you tryna be humble? or are u really fooling us with this humbleness because ur a pimp and need "adobe flats" to house your "girls".....

whichever it is, the song is still pretty good. just keep in mind that the intro is drawn out so the real hot shit doesn't start until a minute n half way into the song...

animal collective- my girls

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