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Thursday, November 11, 2010

shooters- breakfast music

soooo i'm no big chiefer but i do enjoy music that you can burn one too...the beats tend to be more exaggerated and the lyrics are pretty much awesome. back in the day i created a mix cd of over 20 smoke songs that was entitled "geek music," lol, but for the sake of sounding like i burn it down every mutha fuckin day (which i don't), i'm just gonna break yall off with my list of the top 10 greatest "burn one to" songs ever created in the history of  "burning one to."

10. "Mary Jane" by Major Lazer

because we all sometime need instructions sometimes on how to roll one....

9. "That Tree"by Snoop ft Kid Cudi

because they were obviously blowed during the entire video...

8. "Cut Ya Up" by Devin the Dude

because for a lonnnng time i thought he was a pedophile...

7.  "Up" by Wiz Khalifa

because you start to believe that "everything is better when ya highhh" after Wiz repeats it 20 times...

6. "Smokin' Out" by Project Pat

because i love icey white honey buns too....

5. "Easy Skanking" by Bob Marley

because Bob Marley makes this shit sound legit....

4. "Weedman" by Lil Jon n the Eastside Boys

because everyone loves a clever countdown in a song...

3. "Breakfast" by Curren$y

because the background music on this track makes your chiefing experience sound hella classy...

2. "Doobie Ashtray" by Devin the Dude

because this one's a classic and devin deserves to be on here twice...

1. "Weed Song" by Bone Thugs n Harmony

because when rappers sing about weed like its their love child, its impossible not to make it number one. i honestly know this song word-for-effin-word. listen!  

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