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Sunday, November 28, 2010

shot of the day- guitar hero

random fact about me: i am a guitar hero. yes. thats right. you read correctly. i am fucking awesome. 

if you're a hero of guitars, as i, you know that its not hard to know every single effin song that is on guitar hero after trying to master the riffs in order to beat the game. i have spent many a exam and term paper time dedicated to beating expert on guitar hero, so whenever i'm in a bar and i hear "message in a bottle" or "fly bird" i fucking go crazy! 

sadly, its gotten to the point where i've actually downloaded the songs that i liked the most of guitar hero just so i can sing along to the guitar riffs. one of my favs in particular is the stone temple pilots "trippin on a hole in a paper heart."  i've grown to love this song mainly because it took me effin forever to beat it on expert mode- but when i did beat it, i cried victory! 

anyway- take a listen. i really would like to hear someone do a remake or sample the beat or melody. its soooo catchy. (btw- i swear i'm not a dork, i just really like guitar hero!)

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