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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

shot of the day- the cool kids

mikey and chuck just tweeted that they had a new song out today- thought i'd share it with you guys. its called "big talk" and i personally think its alright. (yes alright, nothing to kill ya kids over, but nothing to sleep on either)

heres the link btw: "big talk" download

so back to the cool kids. i was absolutely in love with them in college, but then they kinda fell off the map. i coped a couple of their mixtapes after they came out with the bake sale and just wasn't as impressed with them as i was with "a little bit cooler" and "jingling." i think my all time fav by them has to be "bassment party" (chuck did a fuckin fantastic job on the beat) mainly because i went through this house party faze when the song was out. on their most recent mixtapes, i think the dj talk ruins everything, and mikey's raps just aren't as hot. with that said, they are alotta but cooler than most of these young rappers today. i also appreciate that they rap about segas and fruity pebbles. now thats something i can relate to.

anyways- i like where their career is right now. everyone nows about 'em but you're not forced to listen to them on the radio every two seconds. they've inspired a whole new style of swag and they've got this nonchalant-ness towards fame that i appreciate. they seem real in tune with the music and thats some shit i can raise my glass to... you guys are dope as hell....

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