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Saturday, November 27, 2010

neat- curren$y

pilot talk II- album review

i recently coped curren$y's new album and i've been bumping it in my car for the past week. there are definitely some songs that stand out and some that get lost in the background. heres my brief review of the album:

after the pilot talk I, my expectations for II were exceedingly high, because the first one was so hot. just about every single song was hot- from the production to the lyrics. mad props to ski beatz for those hot ass beats btw. 

seems like pilot talk II is on some other shit though. the beats aren't luxurious as expected and the tracks seem more gutta. my favorite, by far, is "famous" mainly because its the most reminiscent of his last album, and i'm also feeling "michael knight."   the other tracks kinda all blend in with each other. maybe if i give this album a few more weeks of listening, this album will start to grow on me more?  anyway, I'm giving this album a b-. it was cool curren$y, but you leave me wanting more....

with that said, below is my fav song on the album...you be the judge...

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